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"Caste inhumanity is worse than caste discrimination. The fault with Indian left is they will follow & listen to outside thinker but the Indians. Because those who fought for social equality were or are non-brahmins. And brahmins of all hues will not listen to the non-brahmin thinker whom consider below their caste. On the contrary they will find fault in them. Both communist / socialist, sacred, Hinduist Brahmins don’t want annihilation of caste system, social restructuring. Both types of brahmins feel it below dignity to follow Fule-Ambedkar who gave the ideology of casteless society. Left Brahmins therefore go for Marx whose ideology does not have anti-caste contents. By that they hide their pro caste stance. They lure some Dalit, OBCs Educated once to follow them. Thereby weakening the anti-caste struggle. Such Dalit, OBC intellectuals get recognition in Brahminist circle, media." -By Nagesh Choudhari

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"Many ages have elapsed since particular resources were afforded to the brahmins; but the most considerate cosmopolite would hesitate to enrol them amongst the benefactors of the world. They boast of vast stone of ancient learning. They have amassed great riches, and been invested with unbounded power, but what good end? They have cherished the most degrading superstitions and practised the most shameless impostures. They have arrogated to themselves the possession and enjoyment of the rarest gifts of fortune and perpetuated the most revolting system known to the world. It is only from a diminution of their abused power that we can hope to accomplish the great work of national regeneration." -Mead's Sepoy Revolt.

Source - महात्मा फुले वांग्मय , Page No 71